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Foreign Reserves in Egypt rose from 26363 2500 Million in January of 20 17 to 26561 2500 Million in February. Foreign Exchange Reserves in Egypt averaged 22430. 29 2500 Million until 2017 from 2003, achieving a record-low of 13448 2500 Million in March of 2013 as well as an all-time high of 36038 2500 Million in December of 2010. Foreign Exchange Reserves will be the overseas assets managed or held by the united states bank. The reservations are made of a particular money or gold. They can be securities denominated in overseas foreign currency like government bonds, treasury bills, company bonds and equities and foreign exchange loans and special rights. This site offers the newest documented value for – Egypt Foreign Exchange Reserves – plus preceding releases, historic high and low, short term outlook and long term prediction, financial calendar, study consensus and information.